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The aim of the Innovative moving bed adsorption process for CO2 capture in coal-fired power plants operated under variable load (InnCapPlant) project is to conduct research on an innovative CO2 capture(CC) method from flue gases generated during combustion process in of hard pulverized coal-fired power boiler. The basis of the method was developed by the Norwegian project partner (SINTEF Industry). The method is based on the use of activated carbon in a moving bed temperature swing adsorption process.

Preliminary results allow to conclude that the energy intensity of the method is lower than the energy intensity of the methods based on chemical absorption process or on fixed bed capture process.

The project is to demonstrate the usefulness of the method for rapid changes in the load of a power unit, with particular emphasis on rapid power growth.

The project has been divided into stages during which partners will design and build a test stand for verification and testing the CC method capture from flue gases.

The research stand will be installed in one of the Polish power plants. Measurements will be carried out during its operation in variable conditions to confirm the suitability of the method for future operation in real conditions.  On the base of measurements,

will be estimated:

  • performance,
  • CO2 capture rate,
  • energy consumption.

W Based on the results of tests and measurements, the partners will make efforts to scale the research model to industrial conditions.

In the InnCapPlant project, the Cracow University of Technology fulfils the role of a leader, and the partners are leading Norwegian scientific units, i.e:

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU
  • SINTEF – SINTEF Industry

The project leader is  Sławomir Grądziel, PhD, Assoc. Prof.


Diagram of the CO2 capture process proposed in the InnCapPlant project

The project is realized within the framework of the “Applied Research” program. The ‘Applied Research’ program has been established under the priority sector Innovation, Research, Education and Competitiveness. The objective of the program is to enhance performance of Polish applied research in Poland through improved research cooperation between Poland and Norway. The cooperation is to be based on equal partnerships between Norwegian and Polish research institutions and enterprises.

Duration of the Project: 1.01.2021 – 31.12.2023

Co-financing from the state budget is PLN 1,339,559

The total project budget is PLN 8,930,394