Katedra Energetyki Politechniki Krakowskiej

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The Department of Energy of the Cracow University of Technology offers research works, expert opinions and laboratory tests in the field of:

  • thermal and strength calculations of machinery and power equipment using finite element and finite difference methods,
  • mathematical modelling and experimental studies of heat exchangers,
  • monitoring of the operation of thick-walled pressure elements,
  • assessment of safety and residual durability of pressure elements operating under creep conditions,
  • modelling of the dynamics of boiler superheaters,
  • identification of actual operating conditions (temperature measurement, heat flux, heat transfer and overall heat transfer coefficients, thermal stress, pollution emission),
  • analysis of the fuel combustion processes,
  • balancing and optimisation of energy equipment,
  • heating and ventilation technology,
  • non-destructive testing.


Members of the Department of Energy have many years of experience in the field of thermal and strength calculations of power engineering machines and equipment, identification of their actual working conditions, as well as optimisation and balancing, as well as in the field of heating and ventilation technology, and thermography.

The employees of the Department of Energy demonstrated their high qualifications and experience by cooperating with Polish companies, such as:

  • Połaniec Power Plant
  • Skawina Power Plant
  • Opole Power Plant
  • Siekierki CHP Plant, Warsaw
  • Orlen Refinery Płock
  • Arcelor Mittal Steel Poland S.A.

Moreover, the Department of Energy of the Cracow University of Technology is equipped with the most modern control and measurement equipment:

  • data acquisition systems from Hottinger-Baldwin Messtechnik (Spider8, UPM100), Ahlborn (ALMEMO 2390-8, ALMEMO 8990-8, ALMEMO 5990-1),
  • Olympus industrial video endoscope,
  • thermographic cameras: FLIR T440 25° and V-20 from VIGO System S.A,
  • high-temperature thermocouples (up to 2482 ºC) from NANMAC, 108″ long (274 cm),
  • ultrasonic thickness gauges from Cygnus Instruments Ltd,
  • portable hardness meter,
  • flow meters, pressure transmitters, etc.